Adult Racing              Swim                       Bike                          Run

Mini Sprint                300/500                         8M                                 2M

Sprint                        750/850M                       12.4M or 20K                    3.1M or 5K

Olympic                     .93m or 1.5K                    24.8M or 40K                    6.2M or 10K        

Half Ironman              1.2M or 1.9K                   56M or 90K                       13.1 or 21K

Full Ironman              2.4M or 3.8K                  112M or 180K                     26.2M or 42.2K

Kids Triathlon Standards for Kids                                   

  AGE                                     Swim                              Bike                         Run

Youth 7-8                                50/100M                         2-3K                          1K

Youth 9-10                              100 M                             3-5K                          1K

Youth 11-12                             200 M                             5-7K                          1.5-2K

Youth 13-15                             200/400M                        8-10K                       2-3K

Elite and Juniors                  Swim                           Bike                             Run

Elite 13-15                              400M                           10K                              2.5K

Elite 16-19                               750M                           20K                              5K

Juniors 16-19                           400/750M                    15-20K                          5K

Kids Aquathons           Swim                   RUN

Youth 7-8                     50/100M                1K

Youth 9-10                    100M                    1-1.5K

Youth 11-12                   200M                    2K

Youth 13-15                   200/400M             2-3K

Juniors 16-19                 400/750M             5K

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